Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another Week in Good Old El Parque! 26 Jan. 2015


Not much has really happened this week! We had some great times walking and working hard! We have been trying to find new investigators a lot this week. It is so hard with everyone being on vacations here.. Everyone went to the South or the Beach for like 3 months. But it's ok! The work continues, because nothing can stop the Lord's work from progressing! We decided to look into our area book and see what we could find. Apparently no one has cleaned that thing out in a while.. Because we found investigators from 2005.. yeah, 10 years ago. So we found 17 pages of New and Future Investigators. So we started organizing and making lists. We have been trying to stop by all of these people's houses and see if we can teach them. We have a list of about 300 houses in our sector. It is crazy! We got started working on it this weekend and found one new person! It only took a few door slams and about 15 people who didn't answer. But we keep going!

We had interviews with President this week. It was great to go and talk with him. One of my favorite parts about interviews is that we get a cookie. Like a real, homemade cookie from Hermana Wright. It was the highlight of my day! I think I will eat chocolate chip cookies for a month straight when I get home! But it was so great to talk with President. He is so smart and helps so much! 

Yesterday was kind of crazy in our sector. It was the birthday of Carlita so we had an once with her and her family. And we also went and had a family home evening with Rodrigo and Nayibe. But there was this weird concert that was going on right by the chapel. Rodrigo and Nayibe wanted to take their kids to walk around in it for a bit so we got to see what was going on. It was like a carnival/rock concert! In my little sector! They were selling potato chips.. on a stick. That seriously exists... But we had a great lesson with them! Nayibe will be starting English classes in about a week. We got her a Book of Mormon in English so that she can practice with that. They have most of their plans set up to move to Canada in a year. It is incredible to see the change the gospel has had in their lives. A year ago they were here in Chile, completely miserable not knowing what to do with their lives. Now, they are baptized, Rodrigo is the Elder's Quorum President, Nayibe is able to use the Perpetual Education Fund to learn English. And they are progressing in their lives. They are such a sweet little Colombian family! 

Today for P-day we went to San Jose del Maipo. It was pretty interesting. We went with two of our investigators, Connie and Patricio. We took a little bus up there and walked around and had a picnic at Connie's Uncle's House. I like exploring Chile! Our mission is pretty little, so sometimes we don't know what to do. But we always have fun when we go out and find new places! It was great to be with Connie and Patricio, too! They are so great! This week was pretty calm, but always fun down here in Chile :)


Hermana Flake

1. Carlita's Birthday Party with some other Beehives in the ward.

2. Nayibe and I at the weird street Concert last night.

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