Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Miracles Happen! February 2, 2015

Wow, I do not even know how to describe this week! It was full of so many miracles that I don't know where to start!

Miracle 1. We went to see Felipe last Tuesday, he is the adopted son of Hna Francisca, a less active. He is 10 years old and so adorable! He is such a gentleman and always goes to get us juice and ice cream! We taught him the Restoration and invited him to be baptized on February 15. He said yes! He was so excited. When we saw Hna Francisca later in the week she said that Felipe was asking all about her baptism and how it was and how she felt. We then got to teach him the Plan of Salvation. He is so dang smart! He has had a rough life. Hna Francsica took him in because his real mom couldn't raise him because they were too poor. But Hna Francisca pretty much is his mom. They are so sweet!

Miracle 2. We finally got to see Camilo! I wrote about him in the beginning of December. He is a golden investigator, he just is never home! But we found him this week! We went and taught him the Plan of Salvation and invited him to be baptized on February 22. He said: Yeah, I've never been baptized before, I would really like that. He is so great! He has this crazy cat named Leon and it acts like a lion! He always bites me during the lessons... 

Miracle 3. Our Zone leaders randomly called us this week. They told us they had an investigator for us. Apparently they had been visiting a less active sister in their ward and her boyfriend isn't a member. His name is Francisco and he actually lives in our sector. The zone leaders told us that yeah, he wants to be baptized. So they set up and appointment for us to go to. We went and he said that he wanted to be baptized! Pretty sweet! They're going out of town right now, but when they get back he'll be getting baptized!

Miracle 4. Eduardo! He is the boyfriend of Sharon, a member in our ward. We had taught him the Restoration in December but could never find him again. He was kind of avoiding us. But he showed up to church today and came to all 3 hours. After the Gospel Principles class he was talking the Sharon and she was telling him that He had to talk to us, that she wasn't going to say anything. I was a little worried, he is so awesome and I didn't want him to reject all of the blessings he could gain from the gospel! He came up to us and said: Okay, so here's the thing. I want to be baptized. Is that ok? Haha! I was freaking out inside and let out a little "Sí, está bien!" We got a lesson with him right after church. And we asked him what he was feeling. He said that he didn't understand before. But know he just understood. And he couldn't deny it and he couldn't wait to be baptized. He said that now that he knew he didn't see the difference from being baptized today or tomorrow, just as soon as possible! We just have to teach 2 more lessons and then he can get baptized! 

So yeah, pretty much this week was crazy!! Oh, I guess there is another miracle. Miracle 5. Jose Manuel! He got his mission call! He was really inactive before I came here in the sector. And for a few weeks during my time he was still considered less active. But he got his life figured out and got his mission call! He was called to Argentina, Cordova! He was supposed to leave in April, but had to go sooner because of school. So he'll be leaving in 3 weeks! 

This week was great and reminded me of the love the Lord has for every single one of us. He always wants to help us. We are never really alone. I love being a missionary! I feel like I can feel a little piece of the Savior's love for these people. It is an amazing feeling. I love the gospel and know that true joy can only come to us as we live obediently to the commandments of the Lord.

Hermana Flake

This computer won't send me pictures... so lame. I'll send a bunch next week!

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