Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Temple with Carlita! 19 Jan. 2015

This week was full of challenges, but also incredible experiences I will never forget. It started off pretty rough. On Tuesday we went to see Annaemma. She told us she didn't want to hear anything more or see us anymore. It was pretty devastating. But we kept going. The next day we tried to find everything that could help us feel happy. It was a good experience to learn that you can't let anything depress you. If it's a hard day, no big deal, other people need you. 

We had a great day on Thursday! We got to go to the temple with Carlita, Hna. Ana Ortiz, y Jose Manuel. We went to do baptisms for the dead for ancestors of Carlita and Hna. Ana. It was such a special time! Carlita was baptized for her grandmother and Jose Manuel was baptized for her two grandfathers. When Carlita was waiting after the baptisms she started to cry. She said she had never felt something like this before and that she was so happy. She kept saying "I was baptized for my grandma" I couldn't believe how strong the spirit was. I love being in the temple!

Sunday was also great! Hermana Francisca went to church! She is a less-active who we found in November. She hasn't been to church in like 11-13 years! She came on Sunday and was smiling the whole time! I love seeing the Spirit working on people to help them know that they are making the right decisions. I love being here on my mission! 

We were blessed with a miracle today. It was cold! I have no idea what's going on in Chile. But it was freezing. I wore a long sleeve shirt! It was like 100 degress yesterday, and 65 today! Everyone says there's gonna be a huge earthquake! Haha we'll see :) I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week! 

Hermana Flake

1. Hermana Ana, Carlita, me, Hna Christensen, y Jose Manuel
2. Carlita and I at the Temple

1. We eat watermelon... so much! They're only like 2 bucks for a gigantic watermelon in the feria! Perks of Chile!
2. Tomas! Tan lindo :) THe grandson of Hna Francisca.
3. Hermana Francisca

1. Mac N Cheese for Pday. This is Great Value Mac n Cheese.  BUT! I have bought Kraft.  There is a supermarket called jumbo in the center of Santiago, like 1 1/2 hours from my house by bus that sells American stuff. You can buy Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce there, but I am too lazy and poor to travel that far to buy super overpiced Mac n Cheese.  SO this is Great Value from Lider aka Walmart. I buy Great Value everything!  Best brand in the whole world!!!! hahaha I never thought I would hear myself saying that.... I have GV ranch dressing, jam, peanut butter and BBQ sauce.  SO darn good! 

2.  Me and Hermana Christensen at the temple.

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