Monday, January 19, 2015

It Just Gets Hotter and Hotter 12 Jan. 2015


Okay, so I am melting. But it really isn't that bad. We had the hottest day Chile has had in 17 years this week... yay! Chileans are crazy! They love feeding you boiling soup and hot tea when it is 100 degress outside! Oh well, I am using lots of sunscreen and drinking gallons of water everyday! I love this country!

I think the most exciting thing that happened today was that Annaemma accepted a baptismal date! We have invited her to be baptized a few times and she has told us that she is really scared. She is catholic and doesn't think she can change religions. But when we invited her this weekend she said yes! She is preparing to be baptized on January 31! She just needs to stop smoking completely. She has been working on it this week and is doing better. But she just has days when it is too hard. We are trying to help her in every way we can think of! She came to church yesterday and loved it. She is progressing so much! She reads everything we give her from the Book of Mormon and is learning faster and faster each time. The Spirit is really helping her to understand all of the doctrine. It is amazing!

Hermana Christensen and I have had a pretty good week. Everyone is on vacations now. People leave for months to go to the beach. But it's ok! We are street contacting constantly! We are finding new people to teach and walking all day everyday! This week we are planning to go to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead with Carlita, Hermana Ana, and Jose Manuel. It will be great! We are pretty excited!

Nothing too exciting has happened. We are happy to be working hard everyday! The members are so great. Every time they see us walking in the heat they give us something to eat, like an ice cream or some coke. Never water, I ask for water and they look at me like I'm crazy! Haha, such a different culture :) I love my mission and the experiences I am having down here. I really cannot believe how much my life has changed in these few short months! Everyday is an adventure full of learning experiences. This is truly the Lord's work and I am just trying to be obedient so he can use me as His instrument. Hermana Christensen and I are super excited about Annaemma and her baptismal date! Keep her in your prayers :)

Hermana Flake 

1. Cristobal and I! He is the son of a less active named Carla who we recently found and started teaching. 

2. This is the dog that lives in our chapel. His name is Chocolate. The Bishop keeps telling people to stop feeding him because he can't live in the chapel. But he is skinny so he fits through the gate around the chapel and he won't leave! Haha he's smiling in the picture!

3. Ninoska and I! She is moving to Los Angeles in the south of chile this week. She was a mini missionary and from our ward. We are gonna miss her so much!

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