Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas is in the Air

Well, today we get like 3 hours of P-day to get some stuff done, so I get to write! This week has been so weird and crazy and fun! It feels a whole lot more like Christmas this week than last week. It was actually raining here! Ah!! I was so excited. It is summer here and was super hot. But this weekend we had to use leggings and our big winter jackets because it was freezing. It was so great though! I felt right at home! But now the heat is coming back. It's ok, I got a taste of Christmas!

Hermana Christensen and I had a pretty good week together! We had some divisions and I went to Apoquindo. It is the super rich sector of the mission, where President Wright lives. Oh my goodness! It was so different than my sector. It felt like I was back in the states. So insane! But then when I got home to my sector of El Parque, I was so happy! I love my sector and ward!

Yesterday we sang... so much! I sang Oh Holy Night in sacrament meeting. Then later that day we went caroling. It is something that is not done in Chile. Everyone thought we were weird. But that's ok! We went to see some less-actives and investigators. We sang a Christmas Hymn and then gave them some manjar cookies and truffles. It went really well! We found a less-active member we had never met before and he wants to come back to church! Then we sang with the ward choir at our apartment buildings. We set up this whole sound system. I sang Oh Holy Night again and a bunch of people came out of their apartments to listen! It was pretty awesome! Then we went to a feria for Christmas that is in our sector and sang again. It was a pretty cool activity!

On Saturday we had a Conference with President Wright and our whole mission. So many missionaries! We are changing the way we do things a lot here in our mission! Before, we would have goals with how many lessons with investigators we wanted to have in a week, how many with less-actives and so on. But they have changed it. Now we aren't counting how many lessons we have in a week. We are measuring it all by how many people are in our sacrament meeting. We have to keep track and make our wards grow by 10% this next year. Yesterday we had 103 people at church. I was so excited yesterday! Hermana Miryam Valdebenito came to church! She is a less-active who got super offended and left the church. We have been working like crazy with her for the past few months. And yesterday was the first Sunday she came back! I was practically jumping for joy!

I am getting so excited for Christmas! I cannot believe we are already here. I have never realized as much as I do know how important families are. Really, families are the way we can be happy here on Earth. I am so grateful to have family who cares about me and wants me to succeed. Families are a central part of our Heavenly Father's plan for us. Be with your family this Christmas. There are a lot of people we visit who are going to be alone. We are trying to see everyone we can so they can be happy and feel God's love. If there's someone who needs a friend, be that friend. It is an incredible feeling to serve someone and develop the love of Christ for them! Love you all. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! 

Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Flake

1..Making manjar cookies with the Youth in the ward. Hermana Christensen is addicted to manjar!
2. When I sang my solo I had to use this weird microphone. I felt so awkward...
3. McDonald's for lunch today... we were craving something SUPER gringo :)

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