Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Concert at the Temple

This week has been one crazy long ride! But it has been fantastic! It started out a bit rough with Hna. Altamirano going home on Tuesday. She was my trainer and taught me everything I know! Hna Christensen and I went to the temple with her Tuesday night and said goodbye there and she took off for the airport. It was pretty rough being excited for the next day. But it was so good. I realized just how much the Lord is capable of. It is pretty crazy being two gringas in my sector! But it is so much fun! Hna Christensen and I just have adventures all day long, it´s the best!
We had something going on just about everyday this week. Whether it was the temple, a Zone Conference, divisions, or other meetings. Today I had to go into the center of Santiago and do all the work for my Visa... OH my heavens. I waited in one building for (I am not exaggerating because I got a ticket with a number on it and it said what time I entered the building) 4 hours! But I got it all done! Yay!
Yesterday was so awesome! We got to go to the Christmas Concert at the Temple! You need to watch it! I´m pretty sure it is on! And a big plus, lik 80% of it was in English. Marvin Goldstein came and played the piano and some other woman from Arizona sang. It was super pretty! My favorite song was by three young girls singing a sassy version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Super impressive! And there were a bunch of Nativity scenes. And lights everywhere! It was like a mini temple square! But with Palm trees :)
I am so excited for Christmas! We have Christmas lights up around the apartment that mom sent me. I got my Christmas Package and everything is waiting underneath the tree. I can´t believe I´ll be talking to you guys in like a week and a half! How exciting! I won´t be writing next Monday because our P-day is on Christmas. I hope you all remember the importance of this time. I have learned so much being away from home during this season. It really isn´t that important to have a long list of things you want. But it´s important to keep the Savior in your heart. I am so grateful that He lives and loves each one of us.
¡¡¡¡Feliz Navidad!!!!
Hermana Flake                                                             

We really like gigantic completos.. at 10 o'clock
at night...because yeah, we're really healthy

At the Christmas Concert yesterday! We went with
Carlito (recent convert) Antonia and Flor (cute
members) It was such a fun day!

Pictures of the Chapel Open House we helped 
out with on Saturday!

Car selfies! traveling home in the car after the
concert! Herman Christensen and me!

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