Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chile is the Best!

Wow, I can't believe I have already been here for three weeks. Time is crazy here! So this week was a little interesting. Hermana Eaton went home. It was super hard and difficult to have her go home. But I think it was for the best. She left on Thursday and Hermana Stokes and I felt so weird for the next couple of days. We were constantly feeling like a part of us was missing. We miss her so much still!
I have also been super super sick this week. They sent me back to Alcantara one afternoon because Hermana Doll, the CCM President's wife, said I looked like I was dying. I felt like such a baby not being at the CCM and working hard. But I have been sucking it up and getting through the days! I love it here so much!
I had my first fast sunday in Chile this week! It was such an awesome experience. A lot of Sacrament Meeting was in English because people were bearing their testimonies and couldn't say them all in Spanish. I am so exhausted from learning Spanish. But it is coming along! I have days where it goes super well and I understand and can speak. And then somedays where I can't do anything. But it is incredible how much help I am receiving from my Heavenly Father. I am learning so much!
On Tuesday we went to the temple. It was so fantastic! I love how much better I feel after going. It gives me the motivation to continue working hard even though I am so tired! 
All in all, this week was a little crazy. But so many good things happened! We taught a lesson to one of our teachers and he said he could tell that we were trying to apply everything we had learned from the CCM into our lesson. He said we did great. Things like that give me hope that the language will come. It might take a few months, but I'll be fluent soon! I love you all! Thank you for writing!


Hermana Flake

                                          Eating a Completo
 The Gilberts who ran the Alcantara
 On the bus to the CCM

On the street of Pedro de Valdivia in Santiago
Two Hermana Flakes! One from Utah and the other is from Washington D.C.  Both are descendants of William Jordan Flake.
   In front of the CCM
New group at the Alcantara

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