Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gracias familia!!!

Ah. Another week down in the beautiful country of Chile. Our first batch of missionaries left the CCM this morning. It was pretty heart breaking. They are all going to the West mission. 15 people from Alcantara left so it feels way empty. My favorite companionship of sisters left so I was sad. But I am so excited for them!! I can't wait for that to be me in 4 weeks. Seriously.. 4 weeks left here? Sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes it feels like I got here 2 days ago. Time is so odd.
The language is coming so well! I feel so blessed to have such a keen mind. I am not struggling too badly with it. And I stay very patient with myself. It is nice to remember all of the great examples of awesome missionaries that went before me and learned a new language too. I am definitely catching on faster than the rest of my district. I just want to help everyone! I feel so bad for those who are struggling. 
This weeks excitement... Hm, not much has happened that has been out of the ordinary. Oh. I got crazy sick. Like wanting to die and only wanting mom to take care of me kind of sick. Haha. But it's ok! I survived and I only have a bad cough now. Hooray! Yesterday I woke up and felt like a bus had hit me.. I just wanted to sleep. And when I got to class my teacher said that I had to go to the doctor immediately.. She wouldn't take no for an answer. So I went and he said that I was super sick and super contagious. So they put me in an abandoned classroom that has a couch and made me sleep for a few hours. I woke up feeling pretty crummy but decided that I didn't want to miss anymore class. So I toughed it out for the rest of the day. And then I woke up this morning feeling 100 times better! Thank heavens. Being sick on a mission is the worst. I can't imagine how much worse it will be when I am actually out on the streets everyday.
We don't get to leave the CCM as much as I would like.. Mainly just for pdays. But our teachers like us to walk around the temple grounds and talk to people. We've done that once or twice. The most contact we have with non members is our bus drivers. We always try to talk to them and ask how they are. Hermana Kioa even gave one of them a Book of Mormon and he read some of it! 
The food is still hard to get used to. But all of our teachers say that the food here is nasty.. haha. They all said it is just cafeteria food, and that it isn't a real representation of what real Chilean food is. Hallelujah! Haha, I can handle eating it... But it isn't the best.
I am still super grateful to be here! Homesickness is definitely not an issue. I don't know why.. but I am super happy that it isn't! I can't believe 2 weeks have already gone by and that I have learned so much Spanish already!

Hermana Flake

                                                             Hermana Tolk and Flake


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