Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Month Down!

Hello Everyone!

Well, today marks my first month on the mission! Where has the time gone? I really feel like I just got here! This week was full of good food and learning a lot of Spanish. So... pretty much the usual!
We have been learning a lot about grammar and wow, it all pretty much goes over my head. But it is so helpful! Today we went shopping and we were talking to a woman named Ruth. It was so great! It was my first full conversation with someone out in the streets. We talked about her name being from the Bible and meaning faithful. And then we told her we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was exciting to try to talk to people! 
This morning another group of missionaries left for the field. It is crazy! We are now the oldest group here and we'll be leaving in 2 weeks! I can't wait! 
We met our mission president on Sunday! President and Hermana Wright! They are so so great. They were giving a devotional for the young single adults and we asked if we could see them. So we got to go in a classroom and talk for 15 minutes. They talked about all of the different things we do in our mission. And it got me so excited! I cannot wait to go out into the field! 
I have no idea how, but the Spanish is coming. The fact that I can have an actual conversation with someone on the street is so insane. But I definitely know it is the gift of tongues. I feel so much help!
Tomorrow a new group of missionaries come. They are all Latinos and most of them are going to the Santiago East mission. There will be 9 new hermanas living with us! It will be packed. We will have to start speaking a lot more Spanish. But it will be really good for us! 
That pretty much sums up my week! It has been great and I am excited for this next one! A week from Thursday we get to go out on the Metro and contact people in parks. And the next day we go on splits with missionaries in a different mission and spend the whole day with them! It is starting to feel real! I love it here so much. I am learning so much and growing so much!

Hermana Flake


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