Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No Cambios! February 9, 2015

Yay! We didn't have changes! I get to stay in El Parque at least another change! I am so happy. I absolutely love this sector and my ward. It is a privilege to be here with Hna Christensen again!

We had another great week! We were able to teach Eduardo and set up a baptismal date. He is planning to be baptized on March 1! He is so excited for everything and just wants to learn everything he can. I love teaching someone who has just got it. I don't know how to explain it. But it's like his mind has just clicked. It is so different to teach him now, than before. It is like I can see the desire he has in his eyes to be a better person. He just wants to have an eternal family!

We were also able to go to the temple on Wednesday! We get to go through for a session once a year. And because Jose Manuel got his mission call, Hna Christensen and I decided to go with him. It was so great! I love the peace there. It is so interesting to be in the temple with Spanish all around you and everything. And inside is so special and then we go out onto the streets and the buses and metros and it feels completely opposite. I love being so close to the Santiago Temple! 

Today, for Pday we played tennis! (Dad, you will be so proud!) We played for about 3 hours in the church. There is the soccer /basketball court. But it also has posts to put up a tennis net! We found some raquets and played with Jose Manuel. It was so fun! I haven't played in forever. I was pretty bad.. But hopefully with some practice I can get better again. Hna Christensen played in high school and is super good! I like playing with her. 

Hermana Flake

1. Felipe and I! He is so darling!

2. Jose Manuel when he got his mission call.
3. Margarita and Montse

1. We went to get hamburgers last pday!
2.  Sometimes you just have to have a nap...but only on pdays!
3. We finally got a fan! And I had to put it together. But the 
instructions were in Spanish, go figure and made no sense
It t ook a bit of work. But I did it!

1.  Temple!
2.  After Jose Manuel went through

1. Hermana Ximena. She is practically my mom here 
in the mission. She takes such good care of us.
2. Tennis today at the church!

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