Monday, March 2, 2015

Sick + Summer = Sad Hermana Flake Feb. 23, 2015

Well, this week was kind of a bummer. I got a crazy virus or cold or some crazy disease of Chile. Sometimes I think this country is just out to get me or something! I got way sick and couldn´t leave too much. My companion says that my body hates Chile or that Chile hates me. She doesn´t know which it is, but is certain that it is one of the two. Anyway, we didn´t get to visit too many people. But we did divisions a few days so that Hermana Christensen could go visit our investigators and I could sleep some more.
Yesterday was the first day that I got to leave for the whole day! I was sooo excited! I struggled through church, but no big deal. I almost fell asleep when I was playing the piano during Sacrament Meeting.. yeah, it was an adventure! But then I got way better as the day went on. We had a great lesson with Carlos! He is an interesting person. On Friday Hermana Christensen went with Hermana Fernanda y Hermano Manuel to visit Carlos. Poor thing! They got there and he had this anti mormon video ready to watch. She said that the members helped her get out of the trap and that they didn´t fight with him but tried to invite him to pray. Needless to say, when we had another lesson with him on Sunday, I was a tad bit nervous. We went with Hermano Manuel. It went super well! We were able to teach the Restoration and how to pray. He was very humble and willing to try. He said the closing prayer and is going to pray about everything we have taught him.
We had a lesson with Francisco this week and when we invited him to be baptized he said yes and now he has a date! We are pretty excited with the investigators in our sector who are getting ready for their baptisms. There are so many miracles happening everyday. I am so grateful for my sector, ward, and leaders who help me so much! Being sick has been pretty lame, but I have felt so much love from the people here. The members are great and are willing to help in any way that they can! I love it here in Chile! Being a missionary is the best :)
Hermana Flake
1. Food here is crazy cheap in la feria. All of this celery cost like 75 cents in the street market. We eat so many fruits and vegetables here. It´s sweet!
2. The Familia Calderòn and I at church yesterday! Josè Manuel gave his last testimony in the ward and leaves on his mission on Thursday! 

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