Monday, September 8, 2014

El Parque!

Wow, another week gone! Crazy how time is in the field! This week has been fantastic! Just a lot of walking, getting to know people, and being confused by Spanish. You know, the usual! It is pretty great though! 
We had a stake activity on Saturday because the month of September is Chile's Indepence Day of sorts. It is crazy with Chilean pride everywhere! I love it!! We bought a flag for our apartment and need to buy some more stuff to decorate even more! On Saturday we had a bunch of empanadas and it was great! But unfortunately I got some kind of bug. Because for the next 2 or 3 days I was sick with the flu. Ugh, it was pretty miserable. I tried to go out and work a bunch but my body couldn't really handle it. Shoot. But I feel way better now, so it's not an issue!
Today we went to San Cristobal. It's a big hill where you can see most of Santiago! It is so beautiful, I'll attach some pictures. Of course there was a bunch of smog, there is always smog. But it was so beautiful! We met up with a few other sisters. It was fantastic! Then we had pizza... oh how I miss American food. I am quite happy with the food here. But there are times where I just crave my mom's cooking.
Next Sunday I have my first baptism! I am so excited! The woman's name is Nayibe and she is so awesome! Her husband got baptized 5 months ago and they have two sweetheart boys. They are so awesome and I can't wait to see her get baptized! She is so ready and it's so exciting! I am hoping our other investigators can come and see! It has been a great week. And I look forward to the work we can do this next week too! Love you all!
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